Premarital counseling reduces the chance of divorce by approximately 30 percent. Considering the divorce rate is close to 50% throughout America, pre marital counseling can greatly increase the chances of success in your marriage.

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Is Pre Marital Counseling for Me?

In short, yes. The concept behind counseling for engaged couples is strengthening your relationship before tying the knot. By preemptively addressing future challenges and conflicts that arise in all marriages before saying, “I do”, you and your partner stand a better chance of happily succeeding in your vows of “Till death do us part”.

Research on engaged counseling shows that engaged couples benefit best when getting therapy while still in their “honeymoon phase”. Later, once negative and harmful habits and patterns have become established, marriage counseling may not work as effectively.

Marriage is not as easy as it was in the past. The demands of modern society, such as raising children while balancing the careers of both couples, can stress relationships. Without setting goals, establishing effective communication, or acknowledging the failures of your parents’ marriages, your wedding bliss may not last long.

Pre Marital Questions to Ask

When deciding on a premarital counseling program or therapist, you and your partner should prepare a list of questions to ask your prospective counselor. Some good premarital questions to ask include:

  • How does your premarital counseling program help us understand our strong areas and areas of our relationship that must be addressed?
  • Is your pre marital counseling program a group setting or one-on-one?
  • How does your counseling for engaged couples program focus on the specific needs of newlyweds?
  • Is your premarital counseling program based on marriage research?
  • How do your Jacksonville counseling services help us determine goals and strategies that will enable our marriage to succeed?

Get Pre Marriage Counseling Today

If you are an engaged couple, pre marital counseling can help you and your partner achieve a healthy, well-balanced marriage.

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