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A substance abuse treatment plan at Breakthroughs’ alcohol and drug rehab center is unlike others. If you attend therapy at a larger mental health center, the likelihood is you will become a number in their books. That is not the philosophy of our Jacksonville therapists.


At Breakthroughs, our Jacksonville counselors will work with you to develop a plan individualized to your specific needs.

One size does NOT fit all at Breakthroughs.

During a substance abuse evaluation with one of our qualified substance abuse counselors, a plan is developed with the patient that meets his/her specific needs.

That may involve intensive outpatient treatment or a more long-term treatment plan.

Breakthroughs is concerned with the “whole” person and our substance abuse treatments not only address your addiction treatment, but also your physical, medical, behavioral, and psycho-social needs.

Substance Abuse Treatment Florida –
Early Recovery

In the first phase of your substance addiction treatment plan, the goal is to get you to stop using.

When developing an individualized substance abuse treatment plan, your counselor will help you:

  • Learn about chemical addiction
  • Identify and develop chemical addiction refusal and coping skills
  • Develop a support system for your sobriety

By failing to develop a recovery-based lifestyle, you may relapse into your addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatment Florida –
Middle Recovery

During the middle phase of your treatment plan, you will work with your Jacksonville therapist to develop and maintain a balanced lifestyle. During this time, we will address your past and work on overcoming the obstacles that led you to substance abuse.

In order to gain freedom from substance abuse, you and your therapist will work on:

  • Re-establishing your self-esteem and personal identity away from chemical dependency
  • Repairing damaged relationships
  • Stepping into society in a productive way

Substance Abuse Treatment Florida –
Late Recovery

As you continue achieving freedom from substance abuse, your late recovery period will allow you to arrive at a happy, fulfilled place in life. Your decisions will no longer be based on chemical addiction, but rather your personal ethics and morality.

Your treatment plan will help:

  • Identify and removing self-defeating behaviors
  • Continuing a healthy relationship with family and friends
  • Further examining past issues
  • Have a good relapse prevention plan

Even with the most comprehensive and individualized substance abuse treatment plan, relapsing is still a possibility. This does not mean defeat. Getting help for substance abuse and chemical addiction is a life-long process.

If you or a loved one is considering getting help for substance abuse in Jacksonville, Florida, please contact our Jacksonville therapists today to schedule an appointment at our alcohol and drug rehab center. At Breakthroughs, each substance abuse treatment plan is tailored specifically toward individual needs.