substance-abuse-counselorBreakthroughs Counseling & Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida offers a number of services for drug & alcohol abuse and addiction treatment.

An assessment is required to determine appropriate level of services (listed below)  for the person with the substance abuse or addiction issue. Our staff is trained to provide thorough substance abuse and mental health assessments and will make referrals to appropriate levels of services. Call us at (904) 419-6102 to schedule an assessment. We are an LGBTQ friendly treatment facility.

Services for drug and alcohol problems can begin with individual substance abuse or addictions counseling. Breakthroughs Counseling & Recovery has a number of therapists and counselors on staff who provide drug & alcohol abuse and addiction counseling. See our staff page for information on our therapists who provide substance abuse counseling.

A second level of services offered for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is our drug and alcohol addiction rehab treatment Intensive Outpatient Program  (IOP). drug group therapyOur IOP program consists of 20 days of intensive outpatient treatment consisting of group and individual therapy, education about addiction, and development of pro-abstinence tools for living. Our IOP staff is trained in substance abuse and have as much as 30 years experience treating drug and alcohol addictions. Our drug and alcohol addiction rehab treatment IOP program is certified and licensed by the Department of Children and Families in the State of Florida. For more information on our Intensive Outpatient program click here.

A third level of services is inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. We do not offer this service. We however have relationships with treatment facilities to which we will make referrals if necessary.

If you or your loved one needs help with substance abuse issues, please call us at (904) 419-6102 today.

There is hope for recovery and we are here to help!